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May. 10th, 2016 | 10:16 pm

Oh no...the new pokemon were anounced. And honestly, I'm really excited for all three??? But Rowlett and Litten are my tops!!
But I know for sure I'll be going with Litten. That little kitten fire tiger is way, way, waaaayyyy too cute!

(And sassy.....and lit.....oh no.)

I started falling out of Pokemon Collecting, since my vaporeon craze died down with the merch as it trickled to a stand still. And I just couldn't get excited about the same stock poses or art being used.

BUT LITTEN??? They're a starter! And that HAS to guarantee a lot of merch for it! I can't wait! I'm practically vibrating with excitement!

I also drew stuff for the cute guy, made a seperate tumblr....! I'm going all in!

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Waaah college

Aug. 22nd, 2012 | 12:02 pm
location: United States, Florida
mood: aggravated aggravated
music: Hakuna Matata

 I dont think I could hate college anymore than I do now. Dx Paying over $300 smackers for shitty parking, professors who dont email you when classes are canceled, professors who shove their ideals about things you could care less about or sensitive about and have to sit there and listen, and the lack of 'giving a shit' about students is driving me maaaad.

So yeah, I go to a community college. Is 'aight. And the classes are a hella cheaper than at other colleges. Universities charge...what...several grand for a class? So so far I got it good. But still I think colleges should put more effort in making things EASIER and CONVENIENT for people who are paying for their education and are basically their only hope for making the economy in this country better.

Basically today just made me reeeeeel.
I got only five hours, if that, of sleep. I dont know why, but I could only toss and turn. :c I normally get over 8 hours xD So I was a bit of a grumpy panther this morning. So I wake up EXTRA early to get a good parking spot, haul my butt out the door, jump in the car and drive off to get to my history class on time.
Lo' and behold there is NO PARKING AT ALL in the parking lot. I hunt and drive around for a good long while before giving up and figuring there is probably parking in the field area....

NOPE. So they put me in towards the GRASS part, that they havent mowed, and is still wet and muggy from the last storm. So the parking lot guide people put me out there, I lock up and walk to class. I still have several minutes so I go to the cafeteria and grab a Coke to wake myself up, as well as my usual grapes and cheesecubes cup.

So I nibble on that (mind you that is still a sort of negative, since spending ANY money is not smart on my part. I already spent my 'comfortable spending money' this month.) and get up to head to class. I get there and that dreaded paper is there saying "LOLNOPE CLASS IS CANCELLED." Did the professor send out an email? NOPE.
So Im pissed, grab my stuff, and head aaallll the way out back to the car again....ONLY TO FIND THE DUMB ASS PARKING PEOPLE PARKED PEOPLE RIGHT UP BEHIND ME. There was only space for a small car to drive between us...and I was driving my mom's van. I sit there, fuming on how the hell Im supposed to get out. I end up just trying to wiggle out....getting out of the car repeatedly to make sure Im not bumping into somebodies car....and magically wiggle out. HOW I dont know, but I managed it. I felt so proud ;-;

But I finally got home, and now its time to crash. But the entire time Im thinking "I PAID FOR THIS?" 

Also if you haven't noticed, Im actually making an entry! I think I should really start keeping a journal, and doing one online that is easier to keep track of would be good for me, especially considering how easily I succumb to stress.

Does anybody  else have college horror/dread stories?

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First Journal Entry

Feb. 4th, 2011 | 01:47 pm

Well its about time I started keeping an actual journal! And I think this is the most appropriate way to do so. After all I'll be able to meet some people in the works as well. Hopefully I'll be able to learn more about this place, since I've seen allot of other artists using it. ^-^

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